Who are the AlphaKids of Today?

Who are the AlphaKids of Today?

Everyone comments on how alert they are, how smart and how creative. Lots of friends, confident and great at expressing themselves; interested and easily excelling at multiple activities, and the list goes on. Does this sound familiar? These are the tell-tale signs of an AlphaKid; one who is a step ahead of his peers.

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At this point, you’re likely to already have a child in mind, and if a child is indeed an AlphaKid the next step is to make sure their abilities are honed and are allowed to reach their fullest potential. So how can you be sure? Parents and teachers easily recognize AlphaKids by noticing some of these traits:

1) Fast thinkers

One of the first signs of an AlphaKid’s ability is quick thinking. Whether it is a task at home, an athletic feat, or academics, most AlphaKids learn faster than their peers. They grasp concepts fast and easily gain proficiency.

Contributing to their being able to learn fast, a natural knack for listening and understanding is a characteristic of an AlphaKid. Listening helps them better understand and navigate their environments and how they can move in them, giving them a competitive edge.  Further to that, knowing how to listen allows them to take the time to listen to everyone, and that makes them more considerate of others.

Learning and listening makes them quick at adapting to their world and to changes in it. The ability to think fast and creatively makes them resourceful problem solvers, often coming up with solutions that surprise adults! This is one reason why these kids are the ones other children look to when needing help or ideas.

2) Leader

When among kids their age, the AlphaKid confidently asserts himself while listening to others as
well. His viewpoint is valued and as such is often looked upon for solutions to any problems they
might encounter in school or at the playground. His mindfulness allows him to pay attention to
detail while seeing the bigger picture. Thus, the AlphaKid is able to encourage and easily rally a
group towards a common goal be it in sports, academics or the arts.

3) Smart

Intellectual prowess also comes with the territory of being an AlphaKid. While they excel in school, they are not only smart academically. Their talents for observation and quick understanding of situations allow them to stay ahead of their peers.

4) Independent

Being confident, caring, and knowing how to think on their feet make AlphaKids independent at an early age. They know how to entertain themselves, solve their own problems, and learn by observing others. Learning from their mistakes is a great key to their success in various situations.

5) Confident

Because they are quick to adapt, other children want to be friends with them, and this naturally boosts their confidence. Being confident, AlphaKids don’t mind the spotlight. They are able to speak to many kids at once or present in class because of their natural confidence. They are also able to carry conversations with kids and adults without becoming shy.

6) Well-rounded

As a final trait, AlphaKids are well-rounded. They may seem like they are super kids but they also know how to enjoy their childhood to the fullest.  The difference is that their hobbies and interests may be considered advanced for children their age.

Does a child need all these traits to be an AlphaKid?  Not necessarily.  Some traits come out later when others have been better honed.  What’s important is that parents recognize these traits and do what they can to encourage and hone them into the positive characteristics of an AlphaKid.

One of the best ways to raise an AlphaKid is through proper nutrition.    A well balanced diet that supports brain development and fast thinking is what these children need.  Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and milk are some of the best foods for brain nutrition.  Promil Gold Four has Alpha-lipids, a breakthrough brain-building nutrient that helps boost brain power up to 100x faster through myelination.

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