3 Tips on Raising an Independent Learner

3 Tips on Raising an Independent Learner

Kids need the space to learn and grow on their own. Here are some tips to help your AlphaKid become more self-motivated and independent.

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There’s a fine line between guiding and doting, and AlphaMoms know the difference. The last thing you want to be is a Helicopter Mom who doesn’t give her child the space to grow. Doting too much on your kids keeps them from developing critical skills such as being independent. It’s crucial that they learn this life skill even as toddlers. Here’s a quick guide to get you started. 

Why is it so important to teach kids independence? 

Kids learning to do things on their own isn’t just about helping them become self-reliant. As kids make their own decisions and act on those, they also:

●    Learn quicker through trial and error
Like when your child learns to tie their shoes, ride a bike, or work on a puzzle, they quickly absorb the right way of doing things by figuring out their own methods that lead to success. 

●    Build up their self-worth and esteem
As kids see how they’re capable of handling different situations, even as simple as dressing up or pouring a glass of water -- and parents praise them for their efforts -- they think good of themselves and believe in what they can do. 

●    Handle failures and stress better
When children experience frustration and parents give them room to process the negative feelings in a loving and safe environment, they learn that challenges are part of life that help them become better. This helps them face problems with positivity.

●    Develop emotional maturity 
Because you allow your child to feel their big feelings, like when they fail a test or don’t win a game, they learn to focus on finding solutions instead of wallowing in anger or sadness. This helps them manage their emotions in different circumstances.

Take advantage of the ‘Golden Window of Opportunity’

Between ages three and five, children pick up cognitive, psychomotor, and social skills. Not to mention, kids' brains develop up to 90% by the time they’re five. This is a critical window you want to take advantage of to start building your child’s mental and emotional intelligence. 

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Activities that foster independent learning

Parents also need to build the right kind of environment for a child’s growth and development. Providing opportunities to explore and be independent is an important enabler in developing AlphaKids. What can you do to foster independence and learning?

●    Let your child choose what they can do on their own. Make a list of everyday tasks like brushing their teeth, getting dressed, or putting away their toys. Have your child choose one item to do on their own, without supervision. You can start by first watching them do it, then giving them full autonomy later.

●    Build in extra time. Few things are more frustrating than trying to do something but not having enough time. This applies to your kids as well! Once you’ve chosen which tasks to allow your kids to do independently, give them enough time to learn how to do their tasks. It may have taken you just two minutes to dress your child, but if he or she does it alone, you might need to give them ten to fifteen minutes.

●    Celebrate small successes. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in nurturing the desire to learn and be independent. Remember to praise your child for doing a good job of whatever independent task you have agreed on.


Building up your child’s independence boosts their confidence and problem-solving ability. It makes them more self-motivated – a critical component for success. Take a page from AlphaMom Georgina Wilson, in how she helps her AlphaKid, Archie, grow and develop through his critical years. You too can have an AlphaKid by nurturing the best in your child.




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