Boost Your Child’s Brain Power Now!

Boost Your Child’s Brain Power Now!

Give your child the best foundation for success through these memory-sharpening tips and help them stay ahead.

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It can be easy to take one's memory for granted. After all, for us adults, remembering comes naturally. However, for children, developing a strong working memory requires early encouragement and regular brain exercises – and AlphaMoms know that. But activities aren't enough. Supplementing your preschooler's diet with healthy brain-boosting food, to ensure developing strong brain connections as early as now, is equally important.

According to research from the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology and a study entitled 'Working Memory & Early Mathematics,' early gains in working memory can predict later success in mathematics and a child's ability to follow ideas in long and complex sentences, which is integral to following instructions. 

Helping your child develop their memory early gives them a better shot at excelling in school, and helps them build essential life skills.

Here are a few tips you can use to help them sharpen their memory:

●    Play memory games - From card games to helpful mnemonics (like Roy G Biv) to songs, memory games make remembering fun, increasing the likelihood of your child remembering what they’ve learned. If study time is stressful, it can cause your child’s brain to send information to the reactive brain instead of the reflective, conscious brain, where long-term memory is stored and constructed.
●    Encourage reading and visualization - While repeating new information out loud can be helpful, visualization helps boost memory development by allowing your child’s brain to interact with more than one sense, thereby increasing their chances of retaining the information by creating both a verbal and visual memory. 

●    Help them find patterns - Seeking patterns in things is natural for the brain. Helping your child link new information with things they already know and remember will help them develop better long-term memory patterns. 

●    Give them brain-boosting food - Help your preschooler learn quicker with the right supplements added to their balanced diet. Promil Gold®  Four can help them think fast through brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) that help speed up brain connections by 100 times.

A strong memory makes learning easier and more enjoyable, and you can make sure your child stays sharp with these practices. Increase your child’s chances of excelling at school through regular memory-strengthening rituals and games and address their brain development needs with Promil Gold®  Four. Apart from doing well in academics, these will also help them build the necessary foundation for success beyond the classroom and later in life. 


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