Brain Boosting Foods to Add to Your Child’s Diet

Brain Boosting Foods to Add to Your Child’s Diet

Proper brain nutrition is one of the most important yet sometimes overlooked factors in raising an AlphaKid. Find out which foods are best for your child's brain's development.

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Our brains are responsible for all the functions of our body and it is constantly active. Thus, the brain requires a regular supply of fuel to make sure it is running smoothly. That ‘fuel’ comes from the food we eat and to have superior fuel you need high-quality food. Science behind the direct correlation of food and cognitive processes, even emotions, exists. This goes to show that proper nutrition and developing healthy eating habits must begin at an early age. As parents, it’s our responsibility to provide our kids with the best brain-boosting foods to make sure we’re raising fast-thinking, problem-solving future leaders.

Our kids’ brains grow fastest in the first five years, so it’s vital that we give them optimum brain nutrition during this phase. By the time they turn five, 90% of the brain is already developed. To maximize this golden window, invest in food that boosts brainpower. You just have to remember this key nutrient for brain development: Phospholipids. 

Phospholipids are crucial components of all cells. These have unique qualities that support cognitive and visual development and help prevent diseases and disorders at the cellular level. For kids, healthy amounts of Phospholipids help them process thoughts and information better, think faster, and develop advanced communication and social skills through a process called myelination, making children excellent problem-solvers.

Foods that are high in Phospholipids include: 

●    Eggs
●    Soybeans
●    Corn
●    Fish
●    Green leafy vegetables
●    Seeds and nuts
●    Milk

But when it comes to optimized cognitive development, you need a combination of the five major Phospholipids, which can be found in α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids). This is a unique and breakthrough ingredient for brain development that only Promil Gold Four has.

Other than α-Lipids, Promil Gold Four also offers other key brain nutrients such as DHA, choline, and lutein which all work together to help support brain development.

Giving our kids proper nutrition can be challenging that we sometimes fall prey to easy but unhealthy alternatives. But with the food examples above, paired with the most advanced* Promil Gold Four, you can make sure that you are giving your AlphaKid the best nutrition to make him reach his full brain potential.

*vs. previous Promil Gold four formulations



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