The Key Brain Nutrients in Promil Gold® Four

The Key Brain Nutrients in Promil Gold® Four

Power up your child's brain development with these nutrients found in Promil Gold® Four.

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Proper nutrition is a very significant factor in a child’s brain development. A child's first five years are a crucial stage for strengthening brain connections that allow high-speed communication between neurons that specialize in different kinds of brain functions. In fact, by age five, a child has 90% of their brain developed.

Studies show that consuming food filled with vital brain-boosting nutrients helps kids' brains grow optimally, so carefully choosing the right supplements to add to your child's diet can help meet their needs.

One of the most accessible and important foods is milk, and Promil Gold®  Four, always at the forefront of brain innovation, is the only one with breakthrough, brain-boosting α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids) that turbocharges preschoolers' brain development.

α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids), which are found only in our most advanced* Promil Gold®  Four, are scientifically proven to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination. By helping speed up brain connections, α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids), in effect, help your child think fast.

Promil Gold® Four's breakthrough, brain-boosting α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids) work in synergy with these other important brain nutrients:

●    DHA, to help support brain development

●    Choline, which supports numerous vital bodily functions, most importantly cognitive development

●    Lutein, which supports cognitive growth, and is also an antioxidant that protects the eyes of young children against blue light hazards


With the combination of all these key brain ingredients found only in Promil Gold®  Four, together with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can stay on top of your child’s brain development.

By choosing Promil Gold® Four as your preschooler's milk, you can raise an AlphaKid who can think fast and take the lead!

*versus previous Promil Gold® Formulations

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