Promil Gold Four is Our Only Milk with Brain-Boosting α-Lipids to Help Your Child Think Fast

Promil Gold Four is Our Only Milk with Brain-Boosting α-Lipids to Help Your Child Think Fast

Help your child think fast by giving him our most advanced* Promil Gold Four, with breakthrough, brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids). 

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Just as a car requires premium fuel to keep its engine running, our brains require proper nutrition to make sure all systems operate smoothly. Nowhere is this more evident than in childhood nutrition, especially before the age of 5, the point at which 90% of a child’s brain has developed. 

As such, the years leading up to this age are a pivotal period when parents must provide their children with advanced nutrition necessary to support their cognitive development.

What brains need are important nutrients like phospholipids -- vital building blocks of cell membranes that are key in supporting brain connections. There are 5 major phospholipids responsible for keeping memory sharp and brain signals fast and efficient, and these 5 are found in α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids).

Promil Gold Four is our only milk that contains breakthrough, brain-boosting α-Lipids that help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster, helping kids think fast.

Make sure you provide your child with a clear, scientific choice for their brain health, because you only have a few years while their cognitive development is at its peak.

Need more convincing? Just watch how AlphaMom Georgina Wilson has helped her AlphaKid Archie stay ahead with Promil Gold Four. []

*vs. previous Promil Gold Four formulations



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