Supercharge Your Toddler’s Brain Development

Supercharge Your Toddler’s Brain Development

90% of a child’s brain is developing in his toddler years. Learn how you can give your child the best brain nutrition during this important stage.

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Many changes happen in a child’s first five years. Children learn to walk, make sense of the world, and communicate their thoughts. This is also when the brain grows at its fastest rate, building the foundation for learning in later stages. Investing in this critical period of development is essential in helping children soar.


Early Childhood Development

Children are born with all the brain cells they’ll need for their entire life. By age 5, a child has 90% of his or her brain developed. While most children exhibit this growth pattern, what sets smart kids apart is their brains' ability to create more neural connections faster. Brain connections control movement, speech, and cognition. Most new neural connections are made in early childhood. In fact, it is during this period that the brain is rapidly producing these connections and by age 3, your child has twice as more connections that he or she will have as an adult.

High-functioning adults are more likely to have had an early edge in life; connections needed for motivation, problem-solving, and communication are formed during the early years. As the brain slows in its development, it becomes much harder to develop these critical connections later in life. It's no wonder that children who are able to manage their emotions and interact with their environment are the ones that eventually become successful adults. Getting a head start really matters.


Set Them Up for Success

What will it take to elevate your child's brain development? One important element is myelin, an insulating sheath that forms around nerves that helps increase the speed of electrical impulses between cells. The more myelin a brain cell has, the faster the signals get sent to other cells. To make sure your child’s brain is well-myelinated, you need advanced brain nutrition. Promil Gold® Four is our only growing-up milk with breakthrough, brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) scientifically proven to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination. α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids), which include the 5 major phospholipids including sphingomyelin, is a breakthrough brain-boosting ingredient needed to help speed up brain connections. 

Ever met a child who seems to have a vocabulary twice the size of her peers? Most likely, she had better brain food and learning experiences as a toddler. Nutrition and experience go hand-in-hand in brain development; food is the fuel while experiences are the engine. This is why activities like reading, playing, and art are also critical in helping your child advance mentally. Geniuses are sometimes born, but many times, they are also made. Invest in your child's development today and see them thrive in the years to come.



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