A Well-Myelinated Brain Can Help Your Child Think Fast! Understand What This Crucial Brain Development Process Is

A Well-Myelinated Brain Can Help Your Child Think Fast! Understand What This Crucial Brain Development Process Is

Want a fast-thinking child? Promil Gold Four is our only milk supplement that can help facilitate faster brain connections through myelination. Here’s how. 

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What does it mean to have a well-myelinated brain? When a child’s brain's complex networks are shaped and refined through a process called myelination, this helps them think fast. How fast, you ask?

With the help of Promil Gold Four, your child can have up to 100x faster brain connections. This is incredibly important because brain connections facilitate everything from movement and learning to communication and problem-solving. The faster their brain connections are in early childhood, the better their chances to stay ahead in class, lead in the playground, and even determine future success. These do not happen without the right nutrition and activities to exercise the brain. You can help support your child's faster brain connections with Promil Gold Four.

Getting a head start

Early brain development has a lifelong impact on a child’s ability to succeed as an adult. It sets the foundation for higher-level abilities, such as motivation, self-regulation, problem-solving, and communication. If these abilities aren’t nurtured early on, it’s much more difficult for children to harness these skills later in life. 

This is because nurturing brain development has a golden window. About 90 percent of a child’s brain develops by age five. During this rapid period of brain development, at least one million new neural connections are formed each second. Parents should make the most of this amazing window of growth by giving their children the best brain nutrition, which can only be found in Promil Gold Four*. 

Promil Gold Four is our only milk supplement that contains breakthrough brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids), a unique ingredient that supports myelination, an important process in the development of brain connections. It’s when a protective layer called myelin sheath coats brain nerves, allowing faster transmission of electrical signals in the brain. The more myelinated a child's brain is, the faster his brain connections are, which lead to faster information processing, enabling faster thinking.

Imagine the brain is made of billions of delivery men, transporting millions of packages every second. Instead of having them walk to their destinations, myelination gives every delivery man a race car to help them transport packages faster. 

Raising AlphaKids

How do you know your child has a well-myelinated brain? Some examples are when they’re able to express themselves using rich vocabulary, understand complex instructions quickly, show signs of advanced math skills, and take the lead in solving their own challenges.

AlphaMoms can take charge of helping their children’s brains develop faster connections through myelination with Promil Gold Four’s scientifically proven brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids). Ask your pediatrician to learn more. 

*with balanced meals and healthy lifestyle



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