What is the "Golden Window of Opportunity" in your child's brain development? Learn about it here!

What is the "Golden Window of Opportunity" in your child's brain development? Learn about it here!

HURRY! You only have a few years to optimize your child’s brain development. Here’s what you need to know.   

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It’s natural to want your child to be at the top of their game. Once they start school, some parents make sure their kids get a head start at learning through hiring private tutors or supplementing classes with skill-building programs. But there’s something you can do even before your child starts kindergarten to ensure their success in the future -- maximizing the golden window of opportunity for brain development.

Did you know: up to 90% of a child’s brain develops by age five? That means a child’s brain is nearly fully grown by the time they have to go to kindergarten! The years until kids reach five present a Golden Window of Opportunity for parents to maximize brain development so that children develop the proper brain connections they need when they reach adulthood. 

Curious about other important figures in your child’s early brain development? Here’s a breakdown:

5 years old. The age when a child’s brain is almost fully formed, and the age when parents need to heavily invest in their child’s early development. 

90% of brain development. A child’s brain is almost fully developed by the time he enters Kindergarten. The period of the first 5 years is the most critical window of opportunity when brains develop connections faster than at any other time in a child’s life. These connections power the brain and can impact lifelong learning and success.

At least 1,000,000 neural connections. The number of brain connections made every second during early childhood, more than any other period in one’s life. This presents a Golden Window of Opportunity for parents to support the growth and development of these connections through proper diet and nutrition.

5 major phospholipids. These are phospholipids, important nutrients for brain development. They are found in α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids), a breakthrough, brain-boosting ingredient. There’s only one milk supplement that has α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids), and that’s Promil Gold Four. 

100x faster brain connections. The speed that your child’s brain connections can reach with the help of α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) in Promil Gold Four. With 100x faster brain connections, your child has a better chance of being a fast thinker—they’ll be able to learn fast, adapt fast, and react fast. This puts them in the best position to stay ahead in their classes and become independent in the future. 

AlphaMoms can take charge of their child’s brain development by keeping these simple figures in mind. Just remember that by giving your child the only milk that can help optimize brain development at the right time, you’ll be able to maximize that Golden Window of Opportunity. 



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