Getting Boosted Laban ng Katawan with Vaccines

Ang bilis lumaki ng mga Batang may Laban, ‘di ba mommies? As they get older, they become more independent, active, and want to explore more. This means it’s even more important for them to have Laban ng Katawan. In fact, they should have Boosted Laban ng Katawan!


Let’s not forget moms, that there are lots of bacteria and viruses that can make your child sick!





Pero wag mag-alala! Ang batang may Boosted Laban ng Katawan ay may laban sa sakit! And let’s remember, vaccines are one of the best ways to help make sure they don’t get sick.1


Every year, vaccines save 3.5-5 million lives all over the world.1 Unfortunately, in recent years there are fewer children getting vaccinated.


So mommies, consider getting your children vaccinated!


At para boosted ang Laban ng Katawan, dapat may NUCLEOSHIELD®  which is the 5 Major Nucleotides found in Bonakid Pre-School 3+!


Nucleotides are known to make vaccines even more effective at fighting off diseases like the flu, diphtheria, and polio.4   


So mommies, remember to give your child Boosted Laban ng Katawan to help protect them from diseases and to keep them healthy! You can do this by giving your child a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, getting them vaccinated from certain diseases, and giving them Bonakid Pre-School 3+, which is the only one that’s Boosted with NUCLEOSHIELD®!


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