Mom’s Guide to the Importance of Exercise and Play

Mom’s Guide to the Importance of Exercise and Play

Drinking Bonakid Pre-school 3+ can help a child boost his immunity, growth, and energy so he can fight idleness and stay active all day long.

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And while play can help your kids make the best use of their energy, growing up milks like Bonakid Pre-School 3+ which is full of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals help give them the Laban ng Katawan they need!

It’s a joy to see your kids play and have fun, ‘di ba Mommies?

Every Batang may Laban should be able to play regularly! Because it’s not only about having fun. Play is also a way for your children to improve their health and develop their minds. It’s a major step to getting Laban ng Katawan.

Why? Just take a look at just some of the benefits that play can have on Immunity, Growth, and Energy.

Disclaimer: We all need to work together to stop COVID-19. When your child is playing outside your home, make sure to follow social distancing and mask wearing rules! 


Kids can get dirty when they play. But did you know that if your child has a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, exposure to dirt, grass, and other environmental elements can keep them from getting sick?

When your child plays outside, they come into contact with harmless kinds of bacteria. Because of this, their immune system are more prepared to fight real infections.(1,2) Basta siya ay may balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, okay lang kung medyo madumi siya pagka-uwi niya! Just make sure that they properly wash their hands after playing outside and most especially, before eating.

Outside play also helps your kids get sunlight. Sunlight allows us to create Vitamin D which can help your body fight off germs.(3)

And remember, playing outside doesn’t mean going far from the house. Even playing right outside your front door can give your children these benefits.

Vitamin D is also found in Bonakid Pre-School 3+, along with other vitamins and minerals that can boost your child’s immune system.

With Bonakid Pre-School 3+ and lots of play, Laban ng Katawan is just a step away!


Remember, moms: Exercise is important! And not just for us, but for our kids too!

According to experts, kids should exercise for 60 minutes every day. This can include doing chores, taking a walk, and playing outside. Letting your kids play is a great way to show them the importance of exercise.(4)

Exercise, whether outdoor or indoor play, helps your kids develop their hearts, lungs, muscles, and bones.(4) Play can also help your children develop their coordination and motor skills.

Plus, the more exercise your child gets, the more likely that they will play sports and try other physical activities when they’re older!(5)

And mommies, did you know that play can also help your kids learn?

When your children play, they see new sights and hear new sounds. This helps develop their brains, and makes them ask questions and explore! And the more questions your child asks, the more they will learn.

Free play also allows them to practice making their own decisions, learn social and emotional skills.(6)

Being a Batang May Laban means having both a strong body and a strong mind. Plenty of time at play can help your kids get both!


Our kids need to play a lot so they will be able to sleep early, ‘di ba mommies?

But remember that play is also important to help your kids be more awake and focused at home and in school!

Play can help your kids focus and pay attention. According to studies, children that play more have an easier time paying attention in class and have better behavior. So more play can actually mean better grades!(5)

Exercise and play can also help your children get better sleep, help improve their mood and self-esteem, and help prevent mental health issues.(4)

And while play can help your kids make the best use of their energy, growing up milks like Bonakid Pre-School 3+ which is full of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals help give them the Laban ng Katawan they need!

And remember mommies, Bonakid Pre-School 3+ encourages kids and their guardians to always follow COVID-19 policies, like wearing face masks and observing social distancing.


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