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#Promil4iShine Talent Camp is Back!

Children and parents can keep shining as they #NurtureTheGift online with a brand new set of lessons from the i-Shine Masters, as well as our new i-Shine Mentors. Learn the fundamentals of music, art, performance and dance, along with all-new gifts! Register now and stay tuned for updates!

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What’s new for #Promil4iShine Talent Camp?


This year, we’re shining a light on all new gifts, with our all-star #Promil4iShine Masters and new mentors! Watch out for episodes on vlogging, playing instruments, dancing for social media and mobile phone photography!


Music Stage

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab helps nurture your child’s gift in music with lessons and exercises. Learn all about the elements of music let your child develop the ability to harmonize with others!

#Promil4iShine New Mentor Ben & Ben Folk-pop band

Ben & Ben is one of the most successful folk-pop bands in the country and in Asia. They are known for their heartfelt, well-written songs.

Performance Stage

As children nurture the gift in theater, they can learn to be versatile with their body, voice and more! Learn the foundations of theater with online lessons from Veteran Actor Audie Gemora and representatives from Trumpets Playshop!

#Promil4iShine New Mentor Dimples Romana Actress and mom

Dimples Romana is an acrtress and mother. Aside from acting in movies and television, she creates her own vlogs about her family life on YouTube.

Visual Arts Stage

Nurturing the gift for art helps children exercise their imagination and creativity as they explore different art materials and techniques. Craftsmaster Robert Alejandro and Arts Director Kara Escay mentor young artists to think out of the box and create all kinds of art from materials found at home!

#Promil4iShine New Mentor Magic Liwanag Photographer

Magic Liwanag is a professional photographer. He uses a lot of equipment, including mobile phones, to document concerts and other big events.

Dance Stage

Your future dancer is in good hands with celebrity choreographer Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy and representatives from G-Force Dance Center. As children nurture the gift in dance, they develop confidence, body coordination and self-expression. When dancing with a group, they learn teamwork too!


“Music learning should always be fun. The kids should always be excited to learn something new – and the way to do this is to make them realize that they can accomplish tasks that they thought would be difficult to do.”

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab National Artist for Music


“Allow them to just have fun exploring. Consequently each child will gravitate to one or two interests and that is an indicator where their talent may lie.”

Audie Gemora Veteran Actor


“When a parent spots the gift of his child, let’s say it’s about dance, expose your kid to a lot of dance shows, concerts, and enrol your kid to online dance classes can actually help in nurturing your child’s gifts.”

Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy Founding Director of G-Force Dance Center

Visual Arts

“We want to encourage and nurture his gift and interest and that is why we would like for him to decide what he would prefer.”

Teacher Robert Alejandro Craftsmaster

Visual Arts

“With digital media, we can explore being open to new techniques that only digital art can provide. On the other hand, nothing replaces traditional art practices in building finger strength, brain development and muscle memory, allowing children to really feel and immerse in their artistic experience.“

Teacher Kara Escay Arts Director

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