Keeping Up Their Immunity at Home Find out How!

Keeping Up Their Immunity at Home? Find out How!

Keep up your child’s immunity at home with these helpful tips so that they can keep enjoying their time at home with you!

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Raising a child has always been hard work, but no one could have foreseen the amount of work parents would have to do in 2020. But as you stay on top of the many responsibilities you have to do at home (from working at home to online classes), developing your child’s immunity is one that can’t be overlooked.

There’s more than one way to keep up your child’s immunity at home! Follow these tips for a holistic approach in helping your child stay healthy!

Help them Sleep Right, Sleep Tight!

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Sleep does more than just get us refreshed for the next day, it helps our cells recharge and continue their work. When your child follows a good sleep schedule, you’re making sure their body stays ready to fight off infection while growing strong in the process.

Give Them Good Hygiene Habits!

It’s important to have a habit of good hygiene for everyone in the family! As you teach your child the importance of covering their nose when they sneeze, make sure to lead by example. Wash your hands along with your child, brush your teeth after every meal, and establish those good hygiene habits together.

Feed the Good Bacteria!

The human stomach is home to the microbiome, a culture of helpful bacteria, fungi, and other microbes, assisting the body in any number of functions ranging from digestion to immunity. These are not the infectious invaders that we want to keep out of the body, but instead the ones we should cultivate and grow to be even more helpful.

You can feed your child’s microbiome by having them eat less sugar, exercise regularly, and eat food with prebiotic fiber (such as apples and squash). Oligosaccharides are great sources of prebiotic fiber, known to improve immune system functions.

Get them the Right Immunity Nutrients!

On top of eating healthy, sleeping right, and good hygiene habits, your child needs an immune system that is bolstered by the right Immunity Nutrients.

Your child’s growing up milk can be a source of these Immunity Nutrients. PROMIL® FOUR is scientifically designed Immunity Nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E, C, Selenium, and Zinc, to support proper growth and development.

Keep up your child’s immunity at home with these helpful tips so that they can keep enjoying their time at home with you!

Nurture the Gift with PROMIL® FOUR.

PROMIL ® FOUR is for children aged 3+. Not suitable for use as a breastmilk substitute. Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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