Encouraging my daughter to explore her talents

Encouraging my daughter to explore her talents

ParentZilla Solenn Heusaff-Bolzico shares her musings on raising her daughter, Thylane with husband Nico, and how both parents encourage her to explore her talents

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Even when she was still a baby, Tili has always shown her big personality! People would see little snippets of our lives on Instagram and YouTube, and would comment “oh she is such a character!”. As her parents, it is a joy for me and Nico to wake up to this delightful ball of energy every single day. She is just full of life and is always ready to discover new things.


“Tili being her fun, bubbly self”
Photo from Solenn’s IG

I always get asked, “Would you like Tili to follow in your footsteps?” or “Is she showing signs of being a future artista?”. As Tili's parents, we have to respect her choices and boundaries. For example, Tili is at this stage where she is still learning and discovering many things about herself, about life. She is discovering and developing her own talents. As her mom, I will support her in whatever path she decides to take, as long as she is happy, kind, and respects the people around her. 


“Lucky for us, Tili likes to travel and is very curious about the world!”
Photo from Solenn’s IG

No pressure please!
It is important for me to make Tili feel that she can be whoever she wants to be, and that includes exploring her own talents and gifts at her own pace. Yes, I show her and share with her the things that I love like cooking, silly dancing, painting, and workouts like jumping jacks but I don’t want her to feel like she HAS to like those, too. We mean well by wanting them to try out everything there is or fill their days with activities because we are scared they might get bored. But really, what they need is your time and play. Through play, they discover many things. Let them run under the rain, let them dig their nails in dirt! Let them have fun and learn and be kids. 

Be open to your kid’s ideas and dreams
It is important that we listen to them and give them space to develop their skills and talents naturally. You know, Tili is at this age where she surprises us with her own antics. Nico and I would look at each other and joke, “Where did she get that? From you of course!” “No you!”. But you know, it’s actually Tili showing us who she is, her personality, and in time, her talents. 
To parents, I say this with love: respect and trust your kids. If the potential is there, nurture it, and encourage the things that your kids like, even if they are different from yours. That’s what makes every child unique and special!


“Cool like her dad”
Photo from Nico’s IG

It’s a-OK to make mistakes
What I have learned is that as parents, we have to be more forgiving of ourselves: we cannot do everything, perfectly, all the time. In the same way, let us not expect perfection from our kids. Remember, failure is necessary for growth! 
Also, give your children some space to grow and figure some things out on their own. When Tili gets frustrated learning a new task, I would remind her that it’s OK, breathe, and try again. How we talk to our kids is very important. If they see that we trust and believe them, they will develop the confidence to pursue their passions. 
At the end of the day, observe and listen to your children, you may learn from them more than they will learn from you! ;-)


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