Healthy Screen Habits for Budding Digital Artists

Healthy Screen Habits for Budding Digital Artists

Tech advancements now let your budding digital artist experiment with video and photo editing and take lots of photos and videos. A well-rounded approach to this includes strategic screen time.

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Advancements in technology now let your budding digital artist experiment with video and photo editing software and take lots of photos and videos. However, nurturing your child's gifts calls for a well-rounded approach, which includes strategic screen time.

Screens are everywhere, making monitoring your child's exposure to screens challenging. Limiting screen time and interacting with the real world is essential to brain development. Your child needs to experience textures, tastes, sights, sounds, and smells in their environment.

Younger children need physical activity and creative outlets beyond screens. Screen time can reinforce learning and promote creative play, but too much of it can have unhealthy side effects.
World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines say younger children should only spend an hour in front of screens each day. The exception would be Video calls with grandparents, family members, and friends!

Not all screen time is equal. Experimenting with an interactive art app or watching a high-quality educational show during the allotted time is beneficial to your child's gifts. Make screen time count. 

Help your child build good screen habits without hampering creative development.

Supervise your child during screen time
If you're around, you can discuss what your child sees while watching an age-appropriate show or exploring an educational app. 

Research games and apps
Thousands of apps and websites claim to be educational. If you're not sure, you can also get an educator's or your child's pediatrician's opinions.

Schedule lots of non-screen time
Unstructured playtime is essential for nurturing creativity. This is why it's crucial for younger children to play away from screens each day. Eating together and spending together before bedtime helps too.

Make your child's room a screen-free zone
If they're exposed to any type of screen too close to bedtime, their sleep quality could suffer, affecting their overall development. It's best to keep screens out of your child's bedroom.

Another way to ensure your child's creative development is to give them a glass of PROMIL® FOUR every day. 

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