Dealing with Long Distance Marriage: Tips for Staying in Love When He’s Never Home

Dealing with Long Distance Marriage: Tips for Staying in Love When He’s Never Home

Long distance can kill the love. Read these tips on how to keep it alive.

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As parents, our priority will always be our children. On the other hand, we should not forget our partners or disregard them. They deserve equal importance.

However, if your partner needs to be away, you might find it difficult especially when you have kids. To maintain a happy home, you need to maintain the relationship regardless of the distance.

Before even deciding on living apart, make a list of reasons for tough decisions. The first few months will be hard on the both of you. This list should help you regain perspective, as to why you chose to live separately. This list may contain reasons like education, heavy travel work schedule, and many others. Always remember that sometimes, adults do hard things because it’s best for the family. Write the pros for the difficult choices you have made so that  you have a handy reminder when you need it.

Avoid playing the “who has it harder” game. You will find yourself feeling frustrated when you send a long email to your husband and as a reply, you only get a few lines. You might think that you’ve been busy with the kids, and yet you were able to write something that long. The thing is, you are forgetting the situation your husband is in. If you’re feeling that your situation is harder than that of your spouse’s, take a step back and remember the things your partner does for your relationship. That way, you ward off resentment.

Find the best time to talk, and avoid the worst times. You two are worlds apart, so make sure you take into consideration the time zones. Avoid feeling frustrated or disappointed by making a compromise, and meeting halfway. Consider the mood both of you are in when you want to talk. Make sure you’re both in the mood to talk.

Be spontaneous when showing your love. Spontaneity can play a crucial role when it comes to long distance marriage. You will find yourselves becoming more appreciative of the smallest thing which is great. Unexpected emails with simple and short messages will do the trick.

Never lose trust on each other because this will be the foundation of the long distance situation you are in. Never be paranoid and doubtful. Make sure you both feel loved, and affirmed even when you are a thousand miles apart.




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