4 Easy House Cleaning Tips

4 Easy House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the house can be difficult. Make it easier with these 4 tips.

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A clean and healthy home is a necessity for good physical and mental health. Although cleaning may not be a job many of us get excited about, it’s a necessity to keep our lives orderly. Here are some tips on how to make house cleaning quicker, enjoyable, and relaxing.

1. Make a to-do list

Set goals in a list to plan out what you want to accomplish in terms of cleaning tasks for the day. If needed, you may spread out the items within the week to not appear overwhelming. Make sure to tick off the tasks you have already done to get a feeling of satisfaction for each accomplished task. Remember, you cannot do everything at once, so make sure nothing is left out by doing things one step at a time. 

Additionally, involving other household members is a sound idea. Each member can be assigned with a set of tasks. Remind them to check off tasks that are already finished. 

2. Tackle the hardest jobs first

Perhaps the easiest way to tackle house cleaning is to begin with the most difficult, and heaviest job first as you have more energy for it. As soon as you have unburdened yourself of this, other chores will now feel lighter, and easier. Chores like dusting,  wiping off surfaces, cleaning out windows can be the last items on your priority list for that last touch-up.

3. Use eco-friendly products

Try to reduce the need to buy and usage of cleaning products packed with harmful chemicals, and additives that affect the environment, and your health. These are mostly communicated as effective germ-fighters. Eco-friendly alternatives found in the kitchen such as baking soda, coffee, vinegar, and cornstarch may be used as substitutes. These everyday products can be used to eliminate odors from the fridge, remove grimes and molds on kitchen and bathroom tiles, and clean windows and stainless-steel fixtures, among many others.

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4.Keep your tools in one place

Don’t waste your time and energy going back and forth to get the tools you need in cleaning the house. It’s ideal to keep your tools in one cleaning tote bag, bucket, basket, or other easy-to-carry bag you can bring with ease from one room to another.


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