5 Tips to Conquer Being Overwhelmed

5 Tips to Conquer Being Overwhelmed

Motherhood can be overwhelming. Here are tips to handle the stress and anxiety

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As moms, we try to look for more information about motherhood, especially the first-time moms. We try to read stories of other moms, books about motherhood, and even watch tutorials and vlogs. However, too much of something is dangerous. Too much information can send an overwhelmed mom into an anxious state of mind. Details can be too much to handle,  and one begins to break down, turning decision-making more challenging.

  1. Put yourself on an information diet
    Motherhood may be a never-ending learning process, but sometimes, you have to take a break. There are matters that you don’t need to look for; instead, these will come to you. No need to pressure yourself. Remember to take things one step at a time.
  2. Focus on a single task, and work from there.
    By working on a single task, you prevent the occurence of spreading yourself too thin. This allows you to focus more, so that you can accomplish more.  Remember to breathe as you do one thing at a time.
  3. Declutter when the situation seems to be too stressful.
    Having mundane tasks of cleaning around the house can slow down the pace of daily life. Tidying up the house may provide a therapeutic release from stress.
  4. Take up journaling.
    There are things that you would want to tell your husband, or your children, but you feel as if you are burdening them. If you think you have to let something out, grab a pen and a notebook. Start writing. Write everything in a journal.
  5. Ask for help.
    You can’t do everything. As much as you want to SuperMom 24/7, you’re only human and that’s okay. It’s about doing our best.

Anxious moms are always on the lookout for all areas, or moments when they will experience chaos and discomfort. Some moments cause stress, and we want to avoid those. Take these tips into consideration, and remember that motherhood should be something fun and fulfilling, not stressful and uncomfortable.





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