Amazing and Natural Home Cleaners

Amazing and Natural Home Cleaners

Here are natural cleaners that can do the job without the harmful chemicals

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We always want our homes clean, and at times, cleansers from the grocery won’t do. We have to be resourceful, and look for other alternatives.

Natural home cleaners can be more effective than the ones we buy from the grocery because of the chemicals that they contain. We can concoct our own natural home cleaners from things in the kitchen.

Vinegar is one of the most effective cleansers. It is a natural disinfectant which can clean glass and other furniture pieces.

You can also create a homemade furniture polisher made out of olive oil, vinegar, or lemon juice. It can be used to polish surfaces with a piece of cloth.

Non-toxic bathroom cleaning is safer, and it will not leave a foul smell. It is necessary to give the tub and the toilet a thorough scrubbing. Try to create your own soft scrub with the use of vinegar too.

Aside from dipping fries into ketchup, you can also use ketchup to remove tarnish from copper and brass cookware. Squeeze ketchup onto a piece of cloth then, rub it on pots and pans. They should go back to their coppery color in minutes. Rinse with warm water, and dry with a towel.

Grapefruit and salt can also be used to clean the bathroom, including the bathtub. Sprinkle your tub with salt. Wet your bathtub and sprinkle the remaining salt around the bottom. After, scrub your grapefruit around. Ensure to slightly juice the citrus over each fixture. Lift it every few seconds to pick up fresh salt from around the tub instead of pushing it around.

Baking soda can also be used to remove the dirt in the grout of your bathroom. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.

These are a few homemade cleansers you can create from some things from your kitchen. Before opting to try a new detergent or cleanser that’s available in the market, be practical. Make sure you try to do these homemade cleansers first and see for yourself.




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