Dear Busy Parents, Connect with Your Kids in 15 Minutes Every Day

Dear Busy Parents, Connect with Your Kids in 15 Minutes Every Day

Connecting with your children is vital to their upbringing. Here’s how to do it in 15 minutes.

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Sound parent-child relationships result in happier children. This kind of relationship can make kids be more willing to discuss their problems with their parents and take their advice. However, as a full-time working parent, you have divided attention between work and family. With the long hours spent commuting and work, how do you find time to bond with your kids?

While not all parents have time for endless afternoons at the pool or playing in the sandbox, you can still connect with your child in a meaningful way even for a few minutes every day. Check out these tips on how you can bond with your children for 15 minutes or less in a day.

Show physical affection

Physical touch is one of children’s love languages. From the time they were born, it is your touch that has soothed them and made them feel cherished.

A few minutes with your arm around your daughter on the sofa or a quick peck on your son’s cheek won’t throw your schedule off and it will mean the world to the child. Kiss, hug, hold, tickle, and play with your kids every day.

Talk and listen to them

Sometimes in the chaos of the things that need to be done in the morning such as preparing for work, and getting the kids ready for school, or in the evening like cooking dinner, and getting ready for bed, you realize at night that you barely said ten words to your children all day.

Take some time in the morning to ask your children what’s coming up for them. This can be done over breakfast or while driving them to school. On the way home or around the dinner table, you can then ask them about their day. These simple questions will let your children know that they have your attention, even for just a few minutes in the morning and evening.

Tuck them into bed

Toddlers will love being tucked into bed. Give your children a good night kiss, and they will be able to sleep assured that they are loved. If there have been any arguments earlier in the day, try to resolve these before sending your children to bed.

It's never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job and a family life. We hope that these simple bonding ideas with your kids will help you build more meaningful relationships with them.


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