Episode 2, Dad Dynamics with Big D

Episode 2, Dad Dynamics with Big D

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Parenting stereotypes has boxed moms as the caring and nurturing figures in the household and dads as the firm hand and provider. But moms and dads, believe us when we say changing times call for new perspectives! These days, parenthood is as dynamic as can be and we could go on and on about the many changes we ought to instantaneously adapt to. But for this episode, we zero in on the many facets of fatherhood. So what does it mean to be a modern dad? Tune into broadcasting legend Big D as he discusses the thought process behind choosing what kind of dad he wanted to be to his 5 kids – transcending the traditional belief that fathers are only expected to “provide” and taking on the concept of deliberate parenting. Hear Dennis’ journey as a child to his father and how this influenced the manner by which he parented his children!



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