Episode 3, The Myth of the Perfect Mom with Monica Francesca Tobias

Episode 3, The Myth of the Perfect Mom with Monica Francesca Tobias

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The pressure on mothers to do no wrong is real! But is there such a thing as a perfect mom? Monica Francesca Tobias answers with a big “NO” and encourages us parents to accept and grow from the mistakes we’re bound to make in the day-to-day realities of parenting. Factors such as exposure to social media may lead us to believe that perfection is a standard we must constantly reach for - even in the realm of parenting. But in this podcast, Monica, JC and Gelli discuss how parents are still human beings who are likely to get stressed out, overwhelmed, and be less than 100% just like anyone else. Hear what this modern mom has to say on accepting one’s shortcomings, learning how to grow as your children grow, and the importance of checking in on yourself to fully realize your own pace and goals as a parent.



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