Episode 4, Grit and Parenting with Anne Asis-Carillo

Episode 4, Grit and Parenting with Anne Asis-Carillo

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Moms and dads, have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the hats a parent is expected to wear? We know the answer is “yes”. Being responsible for your child’s life, while maintaining a household and paving your journey as an individual, is no easy task! More so during these trying times, a question we want to ask ourselves is: “how can we cultivate grit and resilience?” We’re all in for a treat as this podcast unpacks just that with wonder mom Anne Asis-Carillo. As unraveled in the conversation, grit is all about passion, perseverance, and putting in the work to become better at something over a period of time. As a fitness-lover, baker, freelancer, and full-time mom, Anne speaks from her own experiences on the importance of time management and being conscious of your family’s priorities. Working on these will further spark the grit and resilience that are already innate from being a parent. Listen in for more tips and tricks in keeping yourself centered and driven to be better day by day!

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