Episode 5, Finding the Right Parenting Style with Paolo Punzalan

Episode 5, Finding the Right Parenting Style with Paolo Punzalan

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Finding a unique parenting style is key in bringing up your children! In a hyper-connected world, there are many resources for lessons on how to raise one’s child. With so many options, you might find yourself being pulled in different directions - bringing forth confusion. According to Pastor Paolo Punzalan, sticking to timeless parenting principles such as love and patience are at par with being flexible to the needs and dreams of your child. No resource in the world could perfectly dictate the way and means to successful parenting. The best we can do is adapt as ‘students’ of our own children and learn from them. In this podcast, Pastor Paolo details the building blocks to deciding your own parenting style, such as the art of storytelling, listening, and constantly looking out for opportunities to become a better parent. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Hit play to learn more!

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