Meet the newest members of parenTeam!

Meet the newest members of parenTeam!

Ah, parenting. It’s something that you can do for decades without having mastered it, especially since, if you stop and think about it, it’s the act of raising a human being (with his/her own quirks, attitudes, needs, and desires) from scratch, without a real guide or handbook to rely on.

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This is the essence of Wyeth Nutrition’s parenTeam, which brings together experts in different fields to talk about the different things they know best, from psychology, nutrition, relationships, and more. They don’t claim to have parenting down to a science, but it helps to know that we’re in this delightful, anxiety-inducing, one-of-a-kind ride together.


Today, parenTeam welcomes Solenn and Nico, AKA the Bolzicos, AKA the ParentZillas. Famous both as individuals and as a couple, they recently became parents themselves, and now face the same concerns and situations as regular, everyday parents. With the Bolzicos on board, parenTeam is ready to get down and dirty to talk about things you never thought to bring up, ask the questions you’ve been too shy to ask, and talk about the realities that parents face – real parenting, with real parents. 


Sign up for parenTeam today, and like Solenn and Nico, get access to articles on different topics to help you in your parenting journey, chat with experts on various topics, listen to our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and check out RealTalks to get the latest, most real approach to parenting yet. Parenting may be the biggest challenge yet, but when we team up, we can achieve healthier tomorrows.

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