Minimize Intake of These So-called Healthy Foods

Minimize Intake of These So-called Healthy Foods

Think they are healthy? Wrong. Learn more about these foods here.

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When parents go to the grocery, they consider what the kids want as well as the nutrition that they want their kids to get from certain food.

Some moms are meticulous when it comes to nutrition. Some read the nutrition facts at the back of the product. Little do we know that not all food with accompanying nutrition facts are “nutritious.” Some examples are as follows:

  1. Multigrain and wheat breads are sometimes fed to kids due to said health benefits they have. The thing is, these are also made of wheat flour like white bread. Unless it is specified in the ingredient list that is used 100 percent whole wheat, then that toast might not be as healthy as you think.
  2. Smoothies sound like healthy, and fibrous drinks because they’re made from fruits however, there are some commercially made smoothies that may contain more sugar than fresh fruits, frozen fruits, yogurt, and skim milk. These smoothies can easily be nutrition unfriendly with a sip.
  3. When parents cook food for their children, they sometimes opt to using vegetable oils and extra virgin coconut oil. However, studies reveal that these oils do not  come from corn or coconut. Some oil producers blast seeds at high heat and dump solvents to extract the oil. They even inject chemicals to improve color, and odor at the later stages.  This process aids in developing heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Illnesses you do not want your child to acquire.
  4. Some kids wake up late in the morning, and they are unable to eat breakfast. To mediate this, some parents let their children eat protein bars because of said energy the protein bars will give their kids for the whole day. However, some protein or energy bars are candy bars in disguise due to their content. They are filled with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. These bars may include trans-fat, and artificial sweeteners. While these bars may definitely fuel your child for school, it might also lead to the development of diabetes.




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