Happy Global Parents’ Month!

RealTalks Season 2 Episode 1

Solenn and Nico's parenTeam Journey

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        In almost any other job, you’re given anywhere from a few days to a week to get settled. There’s a probationary period wherein close attention is paid to how you’re doing, and you’re given regular feedback. You’ll also be given the simpler jobs at first, and once you’ve mastered them, you move on to more complicated ones. There’s one job, however, where after a few hours, you’re handed the most awe-inspiring, complicated (and not straightforward at all) job, where the consequences are literally life-changing, and in some cases, irreversible. All this happens without as much as a manual or a hotline you can call. Welcome to parenting. 

        In this video, we join the Bolzicos to unpack their journey towards becoming parents. We’ll hear about their anxieties when Solenn was pregnant, the expectations that were and weren’t met once they became a family of 3, as well as thoughts on tantrums, spanking, staying healthy, and more! A lot of media focus (and rightfully so) is on the kids, but this Global Parents’ Day, we celebrate everything about being parents for a change. Thanks for always being with us through thick and thin - this is our parenTeam! 

        Click on the video below to watch the full episode! 



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