Watch Out For These 9 Objects To Help Childproof Your Home

Watch Out For These 9 Objects To Help Childproof Your Home

Ensure your home is childproof with these 9 reminders.

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Kids are naturally curious. They go towards what catches their eye. They play with what they think is interesting. Younger ones explore the world with their mouths. They put everything inside it. This is why childproofing is one of the most important things to do if you have a baby or toddler in the house as it may contain a lot of hazardous objects. Childproofing takes away the constant worry that your child is tinkering with something dangerous. If you’re unaware of the dangers in your house, here’s a list and how to make them kid-friendly:

  1. Outlets. Plug-in caps are not enough to cover your electrical outlets. These types may find their way inside your toddler’s mouth. Pick plug-in caps with safety latches. Cover any unused outlets with duct tape.
  2. Corners and Edges. Place bumpers or foam on the corners and edges of your furniture so it won’t be painful if your kid ever bumps into them.
  3. Stairs and Doorways. Set up safety gates on stairs and doorways to prevent falling. Make sure these are high enough that your child won’t be able to climb then.
  4. Doors and Windows. You don’t want your child getting out of the house, or entering unguarded rooms. Put up window guards, door knob covers, and locks. To avoid injuring their little fingers, place door stops.
  5. Large Furniture. Anchor down large furniture that can possibly fall on your child with screws and nails.
  6. Breakable Items. Make sure glass, porcelain, and other fragile items are out of your children’s reach.
  7. Electric Appliances. Unplug and keep your electric appliances from children, especially those that have hot surfaces.
  8. Chemicals and Medicine. Place hazardous materials on higher shelves and out of their sight, or else they’ll find a way to get to it and gulp it down.
  9. Water Source (Toilets, Sinks, etc.) Secure your toilet seat cover so your child can’t put their head in the toilet.

Childproofing your home doesn’t give you the luxury to leave your child anywhere around the house. Supervision is still required to ensure your child’s safety. Remember, when it comes to your little angel, there’s no such thing as too much protection.




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