Episode 1, Debunking Pregnancy Myths with Dr. Gia Sison

Episode 1, Debunking Pregnancy Myths with Dr. Gia Sison

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Moms and dads, we all know the journey of bringing a child into the world induces a spectrum of emotions – literally a rollercoaster ride from excitement to anxiety and back again! One of the triggers to this anxiety points back to pregnancy myths that have been circulating since time immemorial! In this podcast, Dr. Gia Sison identifies truth from fallacies to hopefully help you shift your parenTeam’s focus to aspects of pregnancy that truly deserve your effort and attention. Though it has been established that parenthood doesn’t come with a playbook any of us could refer to throughout every stage, it comes in handy to hear from people who have already gone through each of them. Prepare to take down notes as this conversation fleshes out dos and don’ts in pregnancy, giving birth, post-partum depression, and the changing dynamic of couples as you face the challenges and rewards of bringing new life into the world together.



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