Week 3 - 4: How to Remedy Your Loss of Appetite

Week 3 - 4: How to Remedy Your Loss of Appetite

Lost your appetite? Here’s a way to enjoy food despite your sensitive sense of smell! 

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Do you know why you can smell almost everything? By this stage, you have an abundance of estrogen which is working to prepare your uterus lining for your baby to grow. Down the road, this lining will also prepare you for delivery and breastfeeding. This excess estrogen causes you to become more sensitive to certain smells, and might cause you to lose your appetite for food you used to enjoy.

But don’t let your sense of smell stop you from enjoying the food you love! Instead, try taking small meals to help you keep your food down. You can also try eating, licking, or even sniffing a lemon. Studies say that doing so can help curb distaste for certain smells.

You can also try snacking. Have some salads with leafy vegetables, oranges, and whole grain cereals.

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