5 Bonding Activities with Your Kids

5 Bonding Activities with Your Kids

Teach your kids about the meaning of love through these bonding activities

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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or any ordinary day, it is always a perfect time to show your kids some extra love, affection, and friendship. Every day is a great opportunity to teach kids about the meaning of love as well as to perform acts of kindness for others. Here's a list of some fun, creative ways moms and dads like you can teach their kids about love through different activities.

  1. Set a movie date with the family
    Prepare some popcorn, or a bag of chips and soda. Get cozy on the couch and bring out the pillows with the family. Need some movie ideas? Disney’s Frozen is available on DVD and online rentals. With a story that revolves around family, it definitely is the perfect movie to watch with your kids.
  2. Get creative with arts and crafts
    Buy some colored paper, and whip out the kids’ art and coloring materials. Go creative with the kids  making “I love you” and “thank you” cards for family and friends. Design creative streamers for their bedrooms, or even artistic place mats.
  3. Start a scavenger hunt
    A fun way to bond with the kids is through a scavenger hunt. Provide them with a map, and leave clues around the house that lead to more clues. Yummy treats await them. If you have more than one child, try giving your kids different maps for different surprises to keep it interesting, competitive, and fun.
  4. Say “I love you”
    Go around the table. Have everyone share five reasons they love each member of the family, or have them write down their lists beforehand, and pass them out during dinner. Help smaller children with this.
  5. Share the love to other people
    Show your kids what love is truly all about through sharing and volunteering together at a home for the elderly. The residents will love seeing bright, young, happy faces. Besides volunteering, you may even bring some extra food on the way home, to school, or to the mall.  Lead by example by giving the excess to a street kid.

Each day can be a special time to teach kids important lessons about loving and serving others while at the same time, creating meaningful family traditions. Modelling love through shared activities has a profound impact on kids and it is easy to do.


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