6 online sites to complement learning in the new normal

6 online sites to complement learning in the new normal

With distance learning being the norm this new school year, students will need every help they can get online. There is a wealth of online videos out there that feature tutorials, exercises, and infotainment to suit students of every age including kids as young as two. It's a matter of sifting through the options and finding those that will efficiently complement studying in this new normal.

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If you feel they need help in a subject, or they are struggling with a particular assignment, these sites can help!


Many parents enroll kids in after-school enrichment programs or tutorial centers, but this is not an option in the New Normal. That’s okay—the Internet offers a wealth of online tutorials, talks, and tests covering different academic subjects that can serve as extensions to their learning. If you feel they need help in a subject, or they are struggling with a particular assignment, these sites can help! 

Amoeba Sisters

This YouTube channel is run by two sisters called Pinky and Petunia and is quite popular among students in grade school and high school. It focuses on biology topics such as the immune system, mitosis, DNA, and – you guessed it – amoebas. What makes this channel fascinating is that it keeps things short (around 10 minutes each episode), uses great GIF animation, and utilizes humor to keep kids engaged. Their website says their videos are just ‘foundation information’ and is meant to complement other lessons and hands-on projects that the teachers may give. 

Kahn Academy

Every parent who must have reached their wits end understanding a math topic (hello there, fractions!) to help her struggling child must have turned to Kahn Academy at least once. The YouTube channel covers subjects like science, history, and art but more specifically, it is a popular go-to online tutorial for grade school to high school math. It also has videos catering to kids ages two and up.  The best thing is that it’s 100% free with more than 150 teachers teaching different subject in every basic education level. 


Some schools now offer foreign language to students as early as Grade 6 with Spanish, Nihongo, Mandarin, and French among their offerings. Learning a new language can be frustrating, but the Duolingo app is like having a language tutor at your fingertips. The platform offers ‘bite-sized’ lessons that feels more like games. It focuses on activities that teach a student how to speak, write, and read using a new language. This is something worth checking out and see if it merits an arigatou!


This free website caters to math learners in grades 1 to 8. The lessons offered are ‘curriculum-aligned’ with exercises that are game-based, allowing students to have fun as they solve difficult math problems. This is a great source when preparing children for big math quizzes as it covers every major math topic packaged in a play. 

Grammar Girl

Who vs. Whom. Toward vs. Towards. Canceled Vs. Cancelled. Parents can be just as confused as their kids when it comes to English grammar, and they might find a sympathetic but knowledgeable friend in Grammar Girl. Syntax, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement and other basic and complex grammar topics are tackled by Grammar Girl who does weekly sessions both in her podcast and YouTube channel. 

The Grammar Girl creator is New York Times bestselling author Mignon Fogarty, who is known for her ‘quick and dirty tips’ that make complex grammar topics easily understood. Her aim is to help listeners acquire good reading and writing skills. 

Peekaboo Kidz

This YouTube channel features 5 to 10-minute informative videos that appeal to kids two and up. It presents topics using animation with a character named Dr. Binocs hosting the show. It answers a wide range of questions, many of which toddlers are likely to ask: Why do we get goosebumps? What causes earthquakes? Why do we dream? Interestingly, it also features topics of universal interest such as climate change and environmental pollution. So, next time your little one asks if Santa is real, you know where to find the answers. 

What are your favorite online resources for science, math, and other subjects? Share your tips with other parents in the comments section! 


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