9 Ideas to Start Your Child Reading This Year

9 Ideas to Start Your Child Reading This Year

Here are some ideas to develop your child’s reading habit

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Reading develops a broader vocabulary, an increased general knowledge, and a better understanding of other cultures. Because of this, it is well worth your time and energy to help your children enjoy reading. Unfortunately, reading is a struggle for some kids for different reasons so, they avoid it whenever they can.  So how do you encourage your child to read more this year? We have some ideas for you.

  1. Be on the lookout for what attracts your child’s attention, such as TV shows and games, and characters in these materials. You may take advantage of and build on that interest. Find things that your child might like to read and bring home more information on the same subject or a similar theme.
  2. Make sure that different kinds of reading materials, including books, magazines, and colorful catalogs, are available inside your home.
  3. Set an example. Let your child see you reading for pleasure in your spare time.
  4. Encourage older children to read to their younger siblings or friends. Older children enjoy showing off their skills to an admiring audience.
  5. Play games that require reading. Check your closet for spelling games played with letter tiles or dice, or board games that require players to read spaces, cards, and directions.
  6. Introduce the bookmark. Remind your child that you don't have to finish a book in one sitting; you can stop after a few pages, or a chapter, and pick up where you left off at another time.
  7. Offer other special incentives to encourage your child to read. For example, you may opt to take him to see a movie after he or she has finished the book on which the movie was based. Another suggestion would be to relieve him of a regular chore to free up time for reading.
  8. Not all reading takes place between the covers of a book. What about menus, road signs, food labels, and sheet music? Take advantage of countless spur-of-the-moment opportunities for reading during the course of your family's busy day.
    Through these steps, reading may prove to be more fun for your child, and these will eventually pave the way for a brighter and more fulfilling future for him or her.
  9. Read aloud to your child, especially to a child who is discouraged by his or her own poor reading skills. The pleasure of listening to you read, rather than struggling
    alone, may restore your child's initial enthusiasm for books and reading. 




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