Cooking Organic Food at Home: Recipes and Tips

Cooking Organic Food at Home: Recipes and Tips

Organic advocate Joy Lim shares her sources of Organic ingredients and yummy recipes you can cook!

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “Good food starts with good ingredients.” At the market, we always try to get fresh produce, and check the color of the meat and the gills of the fish. We all have our trusted suki, too – because there’s peace of mind in knowing the source of the ingredients.

Why buy organic and natural ingredients? 
That’s one of the key principles of organic food: know your source. Where do ingredients come from, and how are they processed? It affects the quality of the food, and can help us make better choices – as the home cook, and as a parent. 
For example, I prefer using organic milk for some of my recipes because I know that the cows that produced the milk have not been given hormones or antibiotics for their reproduction or growth. At least 30% of its diet must come from grass and organic feeds, and the rest of its food must be grown without any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seeds.
For milk to be certified organic, it must pass strict regulations both at the farm and the processing plant. This is very reassuring for moms who want to limit the chemical compounds that can pass from our food into our own children’s bodies. 

Aside from this, organic milk has numerous nutritional benefits. It has higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), more antioxidants, and more vitamins than regular milk. Milk is one of the most important components of our diet as its consumption ensures healthy growth and development.

Let me share some of my favorite sources of organic ingredients, and some recipes that you can make with them.

Organic Roasted Chicken 
A lot of family, friends and clients order my specialty holiday dishes for their gatherings and gifts. I am happy to say that they have been my loyal customers for the past five years, because of my yummy, healthy, and organic dishes. One of my bestsellers is my organic roast chicken. 

I brine the chicken with fresh orange juice overnight, then I make a simple bread stuffing using herbs like rosemary or thyme, apples, and butter from grass-fed cows. To intensify its flavor, I just make a simple gravy. Preparing the whole chicken will only take you around 10 minutes, and baking it takes about an hour and 15 minutes. 

For organic chicken and other fresh herbs, grass-fed butter, and natural seasonings (like Himalayan salt, coco sugar, and coco aminos) I go to Real Food. They have branches in Molito in Alabang and Icon in BGC. 

Organic panna cotta 
My kids enjoy a simple panna cotta, which resembles a jello. I always use organic milk, very little gelatin, and honey. I top it with fresh strawberries. The panna cotta will take around 5 minutes to prepare, but it should be cooled in your refrigerator for 2 hours before it’s served. This is a beautiful dessert that can be served for special occasions, but is easy enough to make for a merienda – and it gets kids to take milk!

I hope that these recipes and tips will help you create healthy and delicious dishes.  May I invite you to follow me at my Instagram account: @yogibrunchph so that I can share with you my other organic and healthy food offerings. Let’s go organic together!


About The Writer


Joy Lim

Joy is a mother of four, food consultant to various brands, owner of Yogi Brunch, and Organic and Wellness advocate. She likes to encourage all-natural eating habits in creating wholesome food selections, and fortifying her ingredients


The views and opinions expressed by the writer are his/her own, and does not state or reflect those of Wyeth Nutrition and its principals.



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