Free Online Workshops and Classes for Kids

Free Online Workshops and Classes for Kids

Online workshops or classes can help your child find something fun to do, and may help them discover a skill or hobby. Check out the list we compiled here!

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Online workshops and classes are a wonderful way for kids of all ages to spend their free time in the new normal, or to fill their summer days while at home. 

Nurture Your Child’s Talents 
Currently on its 8th year, the i-Shine Talent Camp has moved online! Choose from the following free camps—art, ballet, dance, music and theater. Each camp is led by the most sought-after teachers in their respective fields, such as Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and Teacher Georcelle. Don’t let your child miss out on such a huge opportunity! 

i-Shine 8 Talents Camp (Online)

Strike a (Yoga) Pose 
The benefits of doing yoga go beyond becoming flexible and staying fit. It teaches mindfulness and proper breathing as well as relieving stress and improving focus. Yoga also helps children become still and aware of their emotions. Plus, they’re fearless (and flexible) enough to try all sorts of poses.

Learn How to Write Well 
Geared towards school-age children, the Young Writer’s Blueprint is an online course that help kids tap their imagination and craft their own stories. They’ll learn how to develop a plot, create dialogue, and even how to edit their work and publish it. 

While not all children will grow up to be the next Shakespeare, knowing how to write stories will boost communication skills and their confidence. They’ll also use those skills in school reports or essays.

Listen to Storytelling Time 
Famous actors read well-loved children’s books, such as the Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Rainbow Fish, Brave Irene. Many more are read out loud in video format, so you and your child can sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

Doodle and Draw with a Local Artist 
Robert Alejandro, one of the creators of a popular crafts shop seen in some of the metro’s malls, has been holding live art workshops through his Facebook account. Kids have been flocking to his live art lessons because they’re easy to do, but the output that each child creates is stunning—something that they will definitely be proud of! Tune in every 10am on weekdays for a class.

Discover Art History 
Kids learn better when all their senses come into play, and when it’s something like art and art history, what better way to master this than through coloring materials and worksheets? Artist Dorothy Shain has come up with live art lessons and resources that make art history easy to learn for all ages.

Play an Instrument 
What used to be a paid subscription service, Fender Play (yes, the creator of excellent instruments) is now free. Fender Play offers three months of free guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons.

Build Your Own Robot 
Coding for kids is becoming one of the most popular summer workshops. Learn how to do visual programming, real JavaScript, even make robots!

Love Wildlife and Tour the Zoo 
Taking a virtual trip around the zoo may not be as thrilling as doing it in person, but this may be the next best thing. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in the United States offers live videos of selected areas of their zoo. Given at different times of the day, you can choose to view their live videos as they happen, or choose which animals or areas to watch from their past live videos.

Learn While Playing Online Games 
Zoolingo is an educational app that makes learning fun for your preschooler. From learning colors to knowing the very basics of how to read and write, Zoolingo promises to be that fun, lovable teacher by presenting their lessons in a kid-friendly, innovative way.

Do advance study 
If your kids miss school and learning, and you’re up for the challenge, dip your feet into homeschooling with these ready-made lesson plans from Lakeshore Learning, created by grade level. Simply print it out, and allot an hour or two for “school”. Remember to not be so hard on your child (or yourself!) if you struggle with this a bit—just remember to have fun and do the best you can!

Improve reading skills 
Scholastic, publisher of children’s books for many generations, has launched a 20-day program that’s meant to get kids back into the groove of school. With a clear daily lesson plan that tackles one subject at a time, with a book reading, videos, and activities to do, it makes homeschooling easy, clear, and simple.

These online workshops or classes can help your children spend their time at home wisely, and give them something to look forward to everyday. What matters is your child finds fun and enjoyment in what they’re learning, and finding purpose in what they do. 



The views and opinions expressed by the writer are his/her own, and does not state or reflect those of Wyeth Nutrition and its principals.


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The views and opinions expressed by the writer are his/her own, and does not state or reflect those of Wyeth Nutrition and its principals.

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