Guidelines for Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

Guidelines for Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

Need age-appropriate chores for children? These may help.

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Doing chores is a tradition for some families. Chores teach kids how to be responsible and helpful in their own little ways. Chores can also be a way to have bonding time with them.

For ages 2 and 3

You can teach them how to fix their beds and pick up their playthings with your supervision. By doing this, they will learn how to take care of their personal stuff, their beds and toys. For sure, they can’t do it perfectly, so don’t be hard on them. Let them know that they have done well so that they will not be discouraged to do it again the next day.

You can also let them pour water into the pet’s bowl, as well as food, with your supervision. You can also hand them a feather duster to dust some surfaces in your home.

For ages 4 and 5

Kids can be trained to use a family chore chart. Encourage them to get dressed by themselves. Also, let them fix their beds with minimal help from you. They can also start bringing their bags to the car on their own.

You can assign them to help you set the table. They can place spoons and forks to avoid any broken plates. The same with clearing the table, they can be the ones to collect the spoons and forks.

After doing groceries, let them carry the light grocery bags and let them take out food that are not packaged within a glass such as condiments packed in sachets and the like.
You can also let them answer the phone from time to time. Just make sure you teach them what to say and how to say it, so that they will always observe politeness even when talking to a stranger over the phone.

When doing the laundry, you can ask them to separate clothes from colored to white, as well as undergarments.

These are only a few of the chores you can ask your kids to do for you. Never expect that they can perfect these chores the first time they try to do it, so see to it that you guide and supervise them. Letting them do simple chores will help them grow to be more responsible and helpful.





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