How to Enjoy a Day Without Technology

How to Enjoy a Day Without Technology

Technology getting in the way of family time? Learn to disconnect for a day here.

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In this day and age, technology is a necessity. Everyone is expected to have a television, a smartphone, and a computer. If you’re not online, you’re left out. Being stuck at home now means surfing the net, watching television series, or playing games or apps on iPods, or tablets. Even when the family’s seated at the dining table, eyes are either glued on phone screens or on the TV. 

Gone are the days when deep and meaningful conversations happen when eating. All you can hear are beeps, and rings. This keeps the family apart, as the only time you have with each other is spent in the virtual world. Unplugging from technology may help. It’s the best solution to our virtual problem. It’s harder than it sounds, especially for children. Here’s a guide that may help:

  • Allot at least one day of the week for the whole family to unplug.
  • Inform important people of your plan, or else they may worry. 
  • Decide on one form of communication to be used only for important matters. 
  • Be as far away from your devices as possible so when temptation comes, it’d be hard to give in. 
  • Plan fun activities that will last the entire day. Children get bored easily, so make sure these activities will catch their attention.
  • Do everything together or else it negates the point of detoxifying from technology. 
  • Avoid the word “bored”. The more you say it, the more it becomes true. 

By the end of the detoxification, look back how close the family has become in a day. Notice that being unplugged made you more productive. 

Not only were you able to connect and catch up with each other, but you were also able to create amazing memories you’ll be talking about for years to come. It may be something you wouldn’t want to repeat, but after several unplugged days, it’ll be something you and your kids can look forward to. 

One of the reasons people find it hard to stay away from their devices is their belief that there’s nothing else better to do. Their sentiments are wrong as there are thousands of things that can be done. You can go to places you always wanted to visit, master skills, or catch up with people the old-fashioned way. 




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