Turn off the Gadgets: 5 Fun Activities That The Whole Family Can Enjoy -- from Jogging to Wall Climbing

Turn off the Gadgets: 5 Fun Activities That The Whole Family Can Enjoy -- from Jogging to Wall Climbing

In this digital age, it can be hard to step away from our phones and tablets and just live in the moment. Here are some weekend activities that prove you don’t need gadgets or internet to have fun with the family.

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Weekends were made for family bonding. We escape work and school and spend quality time with those we hold dearest.  But in today’s world, it can be a stretch (pun intended) to get off the couch and out the door. Instead of focusing on each other, we’re staring at our smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Turn off the gadgets and have fun as a family, with activities that remind us that we don’t need WIFI to be entertained.

Here, I’ve gathered some suggestions for you and the whole family to try out together:

Walk This Way: Walking / Jogging

An evening stroll after dinner may sound boring to you, but most young children are excited by the thought of going out after the sun goes down. You also digest dinner before going to bed, and have a chance to talk to each other about your day. You can also go for a light morning jog to shake off sluggishness -- just make sure that you use sunblock! This needs no travel time or money, just time and your two feet!

Let’s Roll: Roller Skating / Roller Blading / Biking / Scooter

Wheels will always be a win when it comes to entertaining children. You’ll never forget the memory of teaching your child how to bike for the first time – and your child also learns hand eye coordination, balance, and helps in building their sense of direction. 

Bikes, rollerblades, and scooters are available for various ages in Decathlon Philippines: L2 Tiendesitas, Ortigas ave., Pasig / Festival Mall, Corporate ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa

Ninja Warrior! - Wall Climbing / Obstacle Course 

Indoor gyms and obstacle courses are basically adult playgrounds, and luckily, most offer courses for children as well.  The challenges are as enjoyable as they are difficult – and can bring out the inner athlete in the entire family. 

Climbing is a great workout as well! You get an adrenaline rush, and put your stamina and strength to the limit. You’ll all feel proud when you reach the top, and really experience family support as you all shout,  “You can do it!” Kids also get a huge life lesson: when they hit a wall, whether in an obstacle course or in real life, they just need to face it and conquer it. 

Try wall climbing and obstacle courses at:

  • Pretty Huge Obstacles – 2/F SM Aura Premier, c5 corner 26th street
  • Spartan Obstacle Course Camp – The W Fifth Avenue, 5th Ave., BGC
  • Climb Central – Unit 02, The Portal, mayflower st., Greenfield district, Mandaluyong City

Take a Hike! 

Though hiking a mountain can seem intimidating, especially for families with small children, the Philippines offers many easy trails that even little ones can do. Aside from being surrounded by nature, the satisfaction of completing a hike spikes confidence and shows you how strong and capable your body is. 

The Masungi Georeserve is a really cool trail, however they do have a 13 and over policy. Here is a list of mountains that are safe for children, and a drive away from Metro Manila: 

  • Mt. Oro in Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Mt. Batulao in Calabarzon, Batangas
  • Mt. Pinagbandirahan in Mabini, Batangas
  • Mt. Manalmon in San Miguel, Bulacan  

Beat the Parents: Board Games

If going out is not an option, try board games and card games. Try classics like Twister – you will laugh as you stretch and contort into crazy positions. Uno will teach colors, basic math and strategy, and Jenga challenges hand-eye coordination. 

You can also head to a café that lets you share a meal while trying out a diverse selection of board games. Check out:  

  • Puzzles & Board Game Lounge – The Fort Strip, BGC / Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque / Molito, Alabang
  • Table Taft Boardgame Café – 2nd Floor University Mall, Taft Avenue, Malate
  • Ludo’s Board Game Bar & Café – 26 Sct. Torillo st., Diliman, Q.C.

While parks and playgrounds are always a great option for enjoying nature and organic play, there’s a ton of other activities that are good for your health and well-being and for building memories that everyone can cherish.  


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