What to do when your child hates toothbrush time

What to do when your child hates toothbrush time

Is tooth brush time becoming a struggle? This article details what you can do to make this activity more enjoyable for you and your kid. Learn more!

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Unfortunately, not every kid loves having their teeth cleaned. When your child is teething and their gums are sore and tender, they are especially resistant. 

Some tips to try if brushing time becomes a struggle:

Take it easy. 
Children’s gums are very sensitive, even when they are not teething. Try using a soft washcloth for cleaning, and always ensure gentle touching.

For some, a little distraction might help to make them more receptive to tooth brushing. You may even try singing a favorite tune while cleaning the teeth to calm him down.

Show- Tell-Do. 
Seeing mom or dad brushing and having fun, helps make a game out of tooth brushing time. Mom or dad goes first, and the child would feel more comfortable to follow. 

Your kid will be curious about the tooth brush or finger brush. Encourage their interest by allowing them to hold the brush and examine it at their own pace. You will notice that they may even end up putting the brush in their mouths – all by themselves!

Make brushing time enjoyable.
To set your child up for a lifetime of good dental habits and healthy teeth, make it fun and interactive for them. The design of the tooth brush also plays a big factor. Colorful silicone finger brushes are good to use when transitioning the child from using washcloths to a tooth brush. 

The massaging action helps to soothe irritated gums once teething starts. You’ll know when your kid is ready to brush by himself when he starts grabbing for the tooth brush.


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