Helping Moms raise a Batang may Laban

BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL® 3+ believes that every Filipino deserves a better life and it starts with proper nutrition. That’s why we make sure that we offer healthy products accessible to every Filipino home. With BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL® 3+, proper nutrition is no longer hard to achieve.

BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL® 3+ is a powdered milk drink specially formulated to help support the nutritional needs of children 3 Pataas. With each glass of milk, your child gets the growth, energy and immunity nutrients present in the TRIPLE BOOST FORMULA. - TRIPLE BOOST FORMULA BAB -

Immunity Nutrients that help your child’s immune system and also functions as antioxidants that prevents him from getting sick.

  • High source of Vitamins A, C and D.
  • High source of Zinc and Selenium.
  • Also contains antioxidants Carotenes and Lutein.

Growth Nutrients that promote physical growth and development that make your child grow up strong and healthy.

  • High source of Protein
  • High source of Calcium, Vitamin D & K

Energy Nutrients: B-complex vitamins to give your child more energy.

  • Has carbohydrates which help provide energy.
  • High source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12.
  • It also contains Biotin



To be a Batang may Laban, your child should have:
A Batang may Laban has a strong and healthy body that rarely gets sick!

Mga Batang may Laban can do things on their own! (Self-Help)

A Batang may Laban faces everyday challenges heads on!

A Batang may Laban is always prepared to step up!

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